With a new technology we can change everything around you.

by upcycling.


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Originally the Wrapped Write Company focused on wrapping cars but, more recently, we have moved into something a little more exciting.

The latest methods of upcycling are new. Are recycling and upcycling the same? Actually no, and the difference is important. When we convert potentially discarded materials into something of equal or greater value, it is "Upcycled". When a material or product is “Downcycled" it is transformed into something of lesser value, much like recycling often is. When it is discarded we simply create more waste, therefore cause a heavy investment for complete replacement. But there is a clever alternative.

Upcycling, especially with our latest wrapping techniques, prolongs the life of materials and can actually increase its value.

With these new materials, we can now wrap domestic and commercial furniture, fixtures and fittings in offices, hotel rooms and shop furnishings. We came up with the idea of wrapping for a completely new market, especially as no one else is providing this service in the South of England. 

At the Wrapped Write Company, we have the highest accreditation in the motor industry- an industry with exemplary standards of finish so you are assured that the best in the business can transform your project professionally.

Upcycling is also all part of the latest recycling craze that has the environment at its heart and the cost-conscious in mind - something that consumers are more aware of today than ever before.

We quickly learned that wrapping a hotel bar would be a start to finish project, typically taking just one day, whilst giving the client far more choice in finishings and aesthetic looks. The reduction in business disruption alone can generate huge savings.

So, if you would like to upcycle rather than replace, make huge savings and stay open for business during refurbishment, then we can help!

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WWC offer a wide range of services and sectors. The Limits to what WWC are endless and only what your mind will stop at.

WWC can touch everything wood, metal and etc. 

This means your kitchen,  You name it, we can change it by upcycling, save money and time for everyone.

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