The year of 2019 is set to be a make it or break it one for Hotels around the UK with growth levels declining! Be the one to buck this trend.

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Money makes the world go around right? So. How do hotels increase their revenue? Getting customers to dive deeper into their pockets I hear you say! Well, improving the interior design of a hotel might help facilitate this.

Revamping hotels interiors costs a lot of money. Is it possible to improve a hotels interior without breaking the bank? I’ll let you into a little secret. Thanks to 3M DI-NOC architectural finishes it is.

Wrapping vs Traditional

Save time and money. Traditional refurbishments take so much time, make so much noise and let’s face it, can be very messy too. This is a hotels worst nightmare! Ripping out existing substrates in a hotel mean whole floors have to be closed off, and in some cases the whole hotel might need to too. Which means….. Money is lost.

With architectural finishes, rooms, floors and hotels don’t need to be closed during a refurbishment. You can wrap any surface, from fixtures to walls, lifts, doors, columns and even ceilings. The application process is so easy as well. There’s no mess, no noise, no smell or even waste. You can even apply in situ! Just think. How much money could you save by keeping your hotel open and refurbing it at the same time!? You can improve your look and improve your bottom line at the same time.


Wrap it, don’t rip it! Believe it or not an eco-friendly approach to design is in the top 10 design trends of 2019, with hotels being more focused on the use of environmentally sustainable practices.

We live in a world where we are so environmentally conscious. We have to be careful what we put into landfill. There’s no need. 3M DI-NOC allows you to preserve existing substrates which are structurally sound. Just give the surface the TLC it needs. With film you are ticking that box of providing a sustainable future. As well as incredible design results. It’s a no brainer!

Design potential

With architectural finishes the only barrier is your own imagination. We have a whopping 1800 patterns available, making vogue design more than achievable with design potential being unlimited.

Hotels today are doing their utmost to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Designs are becoming more ‘out there’ with unique finishes fast becoming the norm. From sparkling glitter, to smooth woods. From realistic stone, to textured fabrics. From bright colour's to smooth grey's. Design specifications are ever changing. But it doesn’t matter. We have it covered.

Refurbish with film. It’s a simple message

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